Summer Vacation says hello!

Summer is at my door and its getting impatient! I really have a few project on mind already since two months ago. But first I want to start with writing fanfiction and its gonna be posted on my fanfiction account (^.^)//

 Second I’m thinking of starting a scanlation project with a manga that is never been scanlated before thetitle will be a secret for now. (^.-)

Third will be making/writing Anime reviews it will be from normal Anime to Anime movies. I can’t wait to start it. 

I will soon start it when Juli begins! 


So long Weekend!

Just as I thought I could relax this week, I totally forgot that I will be busy with schol (o.O)


So my recommendation for this week is :

Shoujo: Hirunaka no Ryuusei

Shounen: Detective Conan

Shounen Ai: The Bride of the Fox Spirit

Yaoi: Wana Wana Kiss

That is so far what I have read this week..

You can read them online of course by visiting the respective Scanlation Group BUT I STRONGLY recommend to buy the Manga if it is available in your Country (-.-) 😉